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Law of Attraction - Nothing Can Stop the Power of Your Made Up Mind!

— by Rev. Ike

This may surprise or even shock you, but you have the God-given power to make up and create in your mind whatever good you desire.

And, if you are not getting what you want out of life it may be because you have not yet made it up in your heart and in your mind!

The word "heart" as used in the Bible -- "My heart is fixed" - indicates the deeper mind, the subconscious level of mind where thoughts, moods, attitudes and ideas settle down and determine your destiny.

Thus when the scripture states, " heart is fixed..." the word "fixed" here indicates, "settled in the mind." "Fixed" indicates, "the state of having a matter made up in the mind."

Your God-Given Power
to Create in Your Mind

Now, here is a statement that I want you to repeat after me, please, and I want you to say it with your hands, and with your voice. I want you to touch yourself when you say it. (That alerts your subconscious mind that there is some good stuff coming that you want it to catch.)

Tweet: Affirm out loud: 'I have the God-given power to make-up, to create in my mind whatever good I desire.' @Rev_Ike

Affirm out loud: "I have the God-given power to make-up, to create in my mind whatever good I desire."

Your Power to Change
and Control Your Destiny

Now, here's another statement and I want you to get this: Once you make up, fix and settle what you want in your mind, then the God-in-you will bring it to pass.

As a person, it is your business to make up, to fix, to settle what you want in your mind. This is so important. Too many people complain, "Oh, Rev. Ike, I'm not getting anything out of life." Well, what have you made-up in your mind?

Please get this: You're only going to get out of life what you make up your mind to have. I spoke in Los Angeles some years ago on this subject, and a couple of young men saw me on the street the next day and said, "Oh, Rev. Ike, that was some good stuff you talked about yesterday; and as soon as we get some money, well, we can do that."

Let me give you a shocker. It doesn't cost one cent to make up your mind.

You can be penniless, as my mother would say, as poor as Job's turkey. My friend, things begin to happen the moment you make up your mind.

The power of a made-up mind is the power of God-in-you; and you turn on the power of God-in-you by making up your mind.

Everything Begins
with a Made-Up Mind!

I challenge you, I dare you today, I don't care what you've got, what you haven't got or what your condition may or may not be -- make up your mind about something right now while you're reading this.

You don't like where you're living? Right where you're sitting, make up your mind, "I'm moving." You need some more money? Right now, make up your mind, "I am going to have some money." And don't equivocate about it. Don't mess around about it. Don't say, "Lord, if it's your will, give me some money."

"Be you transformed by
the renewing of your mind."

Money and everything else is, first of all, made up in the mind. My favorite scripture in the Bible that I quote more than any other is from Paul in Romans 12, "Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind."

I challenge you, ladies and gentlemen, nothing can stop the power of a made-up mind, because the power of a made-up mind is the power of God.

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Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter
better known as Rev. Ike
March 2008

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