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Rev. Ike Makes a Shocking
and Mystical Statement:
"You Meet No One But Yourself!”

Due to popular demand, Rev. Ike's classic teaching "I Meet No One But Me" is now available as a downloadable 1-hour audio MP3! (Special offer: $2.00 Discount - See Discount Code below)

You may be wondering what on earth Rev. Ike means by "I Meet No One But Me,” because it's a very mystical statement that may set you reeling for a while...

...but this teaching will have many practical applications — and once you understand it... can apply this lesson to control people, circumstances, and conditions in your life!

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In this powerful, mystical, eye-opening 1-hour teaching, Rev. Ike explains that "the people and conditions in my life are such as they are — because I AM such as I am..." cannot experience anyone or anything outside of yourself, except those which correspond to something within yourself!

You'll understand this hard-to-swallow truth, that "Every time someone or something outside of you needs changing, you must go to yourself and make the change within yourself!"

Powerful Secrets Revealed!

As you listen to this teaching, Rev. Ike may set you back on your heels as he reveals and explains these mystic secrets of mind science.

You'll also discover that:

— Your subconscious self-concept is always being made flesh, not only as your physical flesh, but as the flesh of the other people in your life.

— The only thing you can get is what you give, because there’s nobody else that can really give you anything but yourself.

— You are always getting what belongs to your subconscious word, to your subconscious self-image.

You Are Always Getting What You Are!

Deep, mystical, and rich with meaning, this MP3 lesson is best understood and appreciated by those who are already somewhat familiar with Rev. Ike's teachings! (Not for the beginner!)

You'll need and want to listen to this lesson more than once, and each time you listen, you become more deeply conscious of these truths that transform you!

Click Here to Order the Full-length MP3 Download
Special Price only $7.95 with $2.00 Discount!
Enter Discount Code: NBM2 in Shopping Cart

You will also learn:

— That everything in the Bible is about YOU! (So when you read the Bible from now on, go looking for yourself!)

— How to attract the right kind of people in your life!

— How to pray effectively — how to 'Command' God! (And why you must never pray in the negative sense)

2 Magic Words That Change Everything!

"You are playing every role in the drama of your life," teaches Rev. Ike...

...and in this lesson, Rev. Ike explains the power of those two magic words, "I AM," and how to use the "Law of I AM" to unmake the circumstances that you don't want — and to create the life that you do want!

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Are you ready for this eye-opening lesson?

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