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Power of a Made Up Mind:

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"Nothing Can Stop The Power Of
Your Made Up Mind"

Learn How to Use Your God-given
Power to Make Up and Create in Your
Mind Whatever Good You Desire!

This may be surprising or even shocking to you, but hear this:

If you are not getting what you want out of life, it may be because you have not yet made it up in your mind!

The power of a made-up mind is the power of God-in-you and you turn on that power of God-in-you by making up your mind!

Things Begin to Happen the Moment
You Make Up Your Mind!

EVERYTHING—health, wealth, family, career—begins in YOUR mind, nowhere else.

And God-in-you creates for you according to what you have made up, settled and fixed in your mind.

Your power to make up your mind is the
power to change and control your destiny.

Your power to make up your mind is your God-given power to...

... be what you want to be
... do what you want to do
... and have what you want to have.

Therefore, make up in your mind to have health, happiness, love, success, prosperity and more money.

Make it up and fix it in your mind right now.

Now Available on MP3! Rev. Ike's Workshop
The Power Of A Made Up Mind

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Rev. Ike's workshop, The Power Of A Made Up Mind, is an eye-opening, consciousness-raising lesson you don't want to miss!

Here's what you'll experience in this audio workshop:

  • Rev. Ike explains what it means to "make up" your mind (not what you thought)
  • During this 'interactive' workshop, you repeat out loud powerful affirmation treatments with Rev. Ike that fix your good desires firmly in your subconscious mind
  • You'll make up your mind for good health and total well-being at every age
  • You'll make up your mind for happiness and love!
  • As you feel the emotions of these powerful affirmation treatments, you make up your mind to forgive yourself and be forgiven -- you begin to let go of unloving thoughts and attitudes.
  • As Rev. Ike leads you through dynamic affirmation treatments for money, you fix and settle in your mind, success and prosperity -- and cast out poverty ideas and beliefs.

Also Included -- Rev. Ike's Famous
"Loose My Money Prayer"

Does someone owe you money? Are you waiting for money to come to you that is being held up? Is your money being 'held up?'

Rev. Ike's "Loose My Money Prayer Treatment" on this MP3, may just be your answer. Interact with Rev. Ike, say this "Loose My Money Prayer" with faith and feeling, and just see what happens!

A Final Blessing 'Seals the Deal'!

Rev. Ike ends this session with a final prayer of blessing to 'seal the deal' between you and God!

Now, Rev. Ike always gives you much more than simply an intellectual exercise.

As you repeat the powerful affirmation treatments with Rev. Ike you impress all of your good desires upon your subconscious mind, creating deep, positive changes at the soul level!

Your heart will be fixed, your mind made up!

Special Low Price! Normally, Rev. Ike’s single MP3 Lessons are priced at $9.95, but because this one is slightly less than one hour (43 minutes long) it’s being offered at the special low price of only $6.95! Order now by clicking the link below!

Click Here to Order Power of A Made Up Mind on MP3
(Special Low Price of Only $6.95!)
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